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Virtual Outsourced Accounting & Finance

Startup/Growth Companies | SaaS/Tech

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Founded, built and successfully sold a SaaS/Tech company. 

Whether it’s filling gaps in your internal team, providing a fully outsourced accounting solution or serving as your on-demand CFO ...

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What We Do

We provide an experienced Accounting & Finance team to help you build your business without the big expense.

You no longer have to make compromises in Accounting & Finance such as doing without, piecing together, doing it yourself, trading off, dealing with frustration or going underserved.

How We Do It

We meet you where you are and fill any gaps you may have in Accounting & Finance. This ranges from supporting your internal team in various ways to completely outsourced solutions.

We can assist in all areas of the A&F cycle: Daily Accounting Ops, Month End, Financial Reporting & Analysis and Controller / CFO services.

What You Get

The timely, accurate financials & data you need and an on-demand CFO and advisor who understands SaaS and your business.

This will help you manage your business, make better informed decisions, manage cash flow, control expenses, raise capital, forecast & plan, report to investors and close transactions.

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We Help Founders Focus On What Matters Most 

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Building Product & Driving Growth

Founders that are laser focused on building great products and retaining happy customers build the most successful companies.

By taking care of Accounting & Finance we free you up to build product and drive growth.  Tech and Sales & Marketing founders need to focus on what they do best and what will drive the most value for the company.  You focus on building the business and let us handle the numbers.

Building A Team

Founders can't do it alone.  The most successful ones surround themselves with a talented team.

The competition for talent is fierce, particularly in areas occupied by tech giants, unicorns and well-funded startups.  The challenge for companies doing less than $20M ARR is they often don't have the resources or the need for a complete full-time team.  Our on-demand professionals provide you an experienced A&F team leveling the playing field with your competitors.

Paradigm Services

Daily Accounting Operations

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Up-To-Date Accounting

  • Invoice, collect and record sales transactions

  • Accounts receivable

  • Accounts payable

  • Pay and record operating expenses

  • Process and record expense reports

  • Process and record payroll

Month End


Timely Accurate Financial Data

  • Revenue recognition

  • Month end accruals and cutoff

  • Bank reconciliations 

  • Merchant reconciliations

  • Month end entries

  • General ledger review

  • Formal close process

  • Fresh set of eyes

Reporting & Analysis


Knowledge & Insight

  • Financials

  • FP&A

  • KPIs

  • Financial Modeling

  • Projections

CFO & Advisor

We provide Founders an on-demand CFO and advisor to assist with planning, forecasting, modeling, growth strategies, financings, acquisitions, and more.


Prices start at $1,500 a month and vary based upon the level of support we provide.  

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Learn More

To learn more send us an email and we will follow up with you soon.

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Greg Briley


Mary Briley


Paradigm Accounting & Finance is a boutique firm providing remotely managed professional bookkeeping, accounting and finance services.  We relieve founders from having to deal with these tasks so they can focus on what matters most - building their companies.  We provide experienced SaaS accounting and finance professionals at a fraction of the cost of a full-time team.


Paradigm was started by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.  Our founders started, built and sold (private equity) a SaaS company.  We successfully raised capital from angels, VCs, strategics, mezzanine lenders and private equity.  We survived large, well-funded competitors,  recessions, failed capital raises and exits that fell apart at the very last minute. Fortunately, in the end we won.


We know first-hand the challenges founders face in starting and building a company and our experience gives us a clear understanding of what founders need from an Accounting & Finance team.  Our approach is to meet you where you are and fill any gaps you may have.  We provide founders the accounting and finance professionals they need without them having to make painful compromises such as over spending, piecing together, trading off, or doing without.  If that need is a fully outsourced A&F team we can handle that as well.

Many businesses have moved to cloud services and distributed workforces to save money, to access specific knowledge and skillsets on-demand, or to ensure continuity of operations during uncertain times.   If you are considering such a move we would welcome an opportunity to connect.  Message us here and we will follow up with you soon. 


We can help.

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