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Fractional CFO for SaaS, Tech and Life Sciences Companies
Startup finance expetise provided by experienced tech co-founder and CFO who successfully completed the startup to exit journey

Hello Startup Founders and Executives,
Navigating the financial complexities of a startup can be challenging. As someone who has co-founded, scaled, and successfully exited a SaaS company, I understand the unique challenges and pressures you face. My name is Greg Briley, and I offer fractional CFO and advisory services to SaaS, tech, and life sciences companies. My mission is to help founders and executives understand real world startup finance and implement financial strategies from startup to exit that helps them optimize their outcomes.

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How I Can Help:  Financial Expertise for Each Stage of the Startup Journey
  • Launch Stage: Early-stage founders and execs focused on launching, business planning, securing initial funding, and creating a startup-to-exit financial roadmap.
  • Growth Stage: Founders and execs who have traction and are interested in capital efficiently scaling their businesses while refining their startup-to-exit roadmap.
  • Harvest Stage: Founders and execs who have built a growing, profitable business and are either returning profits to shareholders and/or preparing for an exit that optimizes their outcome.
The Ways I Can Help:  Service Models to Meet the Unique Needs of Startups
  • Fractional CFO: Financial expertise, leadership, oversight, and strategic insights of a successful startup CFO at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource.   Pricing:  Varies based upon extent of engagement
  • CFO Advisor: Financial expertise and advice delivered via review, direct messaging, and advisory meetings.
       Pricing:  $1,000 - $2,000 per month

About Me
I began my career at Ernst & Young (EY) and later co-founded a SaaS company, which I successfully sold to a private equity firm. Since then, I have served as a fractional CFO and advisor for SaaS, tech, and life sciences companies. My expertise, skills, and experiences include:
•    Founder: Experience in founding and scaling a startup.

•    Successful Exit: Guiding a startup to a successful exit.

•    Senior Executive: Leadership roles across various organizations.

•    Board Member: Strategic decision-making at the board level.

•    CFO: Comprehensive financial oversight and strategy.
•    Strategic Planning: Developing long-term strategies to drive growth and achieve business objectives.

•    Startup to exit finance roadmap:  Maximizing shareholder value with a startup to exit finance roadmap.

•    Financial Reporting: Ensuring timely, accurate, and transparent financial statements.

•    FP&A: Financial planning and analysis to drive growth and business decisions.

•    Budgeting: Creating and managing budgets for financial stability and maximizing EBITDA.

•    Financial Modeling: Building models for forecasting and valuation scenarios.

•    Term Sheets: Negotiating and structuring investment valuations and terms.

•    Pro Forma Cap Tables: Planning and managing capitalization structures.

•    Raising Capital: Secured funding from angels, venture capitalists, strategics, mezzanine lenders, and private equity.

•    Transactions: Managing M&A and exit processes and closings.

•    Due Diligence: Owning the due diligence process, including populating and maintaining data rooms.

•    Quality of Earnings: Managing the quality of earnings process to maximize enterprise value.​
•    Accounting: Ensuring accurate and compliant financial records.

•    Board of Directors:  Assisting with board meetings and communications.
•    Survivor: Overcame recessions, failed capital raises, and failed exits to eventually win.  

•    Industry Expertise: Specializing in SaaS, tech, and life sciences.

My Mission
I am dedicated to providing the financial expertise and strategic guidance founders and executives need to overcome the challenges of starting, scaling, and successfully exiting a startup. Whether you are building, scaling, raising capital, preparing for an exit, or exiting your business, I can help maximize your outcomes.

Let's connect to see how I can support your startup’s journey and optimize your outcome. Schedule a free consultation or contact me for more information.

All the best to you, your team, and your startup,
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